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Welcome to Camp Wil-Lo-Linn,

your Day Camp in Girl Scout Service Unit 9;

Wilsonville, Lake Oswego, & West Linn! 

(do NOT send lunch with your camper on their cookshed day)

Monday 1st & 2nd grade units, Boys
Tuesday: 4th grade units
Wednesday: 3rd grade & PAIT units
Thursday:   5th & 6th grade units

Documents you may need:

All 2019 Camp Participants should have gotten this letter:

Summer 2019 Camp season
 Dear Girl Scout Parents/Guardians and Campers:
     Welcome to Camp Wil-lo-linn Girl Scout Day Camp. We look forward to having you with us June 24 – June 28, 2019.  Camp is from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily.  Please read this letter carefully and keep it handy. It contains information and contact phone numbers that you will need to make this a great week for each of you.
     If your plans have changed and you are unable to come to camp, please contact the registrar immediately at campwllregistrar@gmail.com.

     It is highly recommended that campers wear apply bug repellent and sun block before they arrive to camp EACH DAY.  Please send these items with your child daily for reapplications.  If bug repellant or sun block is forgotten, applications of these items are available from the First Aid Station. If you wish to allow the camp to apply sun block and insect repellent, you must fill in the appropriate check boxes on the Health & OTC Medications form. Campers are not allowed to apply lotions or bug repellant to each other.  Allergies to such items should be listed as part of the camper’s registration information.  Updates to this information should be made directly to each camper’s on-line registration form. Updates made once camp has begun should be made on a signed printed Health & OTC form – available on our web site and turned in to the camp Nurse on the first morning of camp.

     Because some camp areas contain stinging nettles, blackberries, and poison oak, it is important that your camper is dressed appropriately. Campers arriving in shorts or sandals will be excluded from all activities that involve potential exposure. Parents can expect a call home to bring appropriate dress to their camper that day. Open toed shoes, flip flops, sandals, sleeveless shirts, and shorts are not appropriate.

Camp ID-tag: 
Print out your Camper ID Tag. This serves as the Camp ID Tag for camp.  In the event that a replacement tag is needed, please print new ID Tag. Please check to make certain that the information is accurate. Your child should wear her ID-tag each day of camp. Please pin the tag to their shirt.

Camp Rules:
Campers may not leave the camp area at any time.  
Campers must travel with a buddy at all times and obtain adult leaders’ permission before leaving the unit.   
No member of camp should approach the river.
Failure to comply with these rules will result in immediate request from Headquarters for a Parent/Guardian to come pick up their camper.

Adult volunteers and visitors will wear identifying clothes at all times; campers should communicate only with adults wearing identifying clothes.  All other adults present on camp grounds should be reported to unit and/or activity leaders and core staff immediately.

Campers who bring cell phones will not be allowed to use them until 3:00 p.m. Campers and CA’s should not bring electronics to camp.

Health & Safety Guidelines:

●        Medications must be labeled with the camper's name and the name and strength of the medication. 

●        A signed note that indicates specific instructions for use must accompany medications.

●        All medications brought to camp must be listed on the Camper Medication Permission Form.

●        All medications should be turned into the Camp Nurse at the First Aid Station at the beginning of each day. Campers and Adult Volunteers bringing EPI pens are required to check in with the Camp Nurse at the start of each day. 

●        It is the camper's responsibility to pick up any medications at the end of the day and/or at the end of camp.

●        Campers who require inhalers and/or bee sting kits may carry them during the day if they are knowledgeable of how to administer these medicines and have written permission from their parents.

●        Campers with allergies (including food related allergies) should have provided detailed information as part of the camper on-line registration.  Contact the camp Nurse if you have questions or concerns.  Health forms are available on our website www.willolinn.org. Signed, updated forms should be brought with the camper on the first day and given to the Nurse.

●        Please do not bring pets down to the meadow area during camp.  This includes the drop off and pick up times.  The large number of children and adults moving in the area – some of whom may be allergic or frightened of animals or who may frighten the animal through their behavior makes this essential.
End of Day Pick Up / Pick Up Card Procedure:  Camp is finished at 3:00 p.m. Please be prompt in picking up your child, or meeting your child's bus. 

●        Campers that are not riding the bus need to be individually checked out with a staff member or their CA at camp. 

●        Pick-up cards apply to bus riders also and will be collected at the bus stop by the Bus Chaperone.   

●        Please use the official Camper Pick Up Cards.  You will need one card for each day.  

●        The authorized adult that is picking up your camper will sign this form (Camper Pick Up Card) in front of camp staff, and trade it for your camper. This procedure is for the safety of your child and to comply with Oregon Health and Safety regulations. 

●        Campers will only be released to an authorized adult with a camper pick up card.  


●        For those who are in a car pool, the adult driving the car pool would be the authorized adult each day signing each camper’s pick-up card. 

●        If for some reason, you have authorized an adult who is not listed on the camper release form – we will have to call you at your contact number to verify the pick-up.  

●        To update your Camper Release List at any time, complete this form, print and sign and send it with your camper in the morning. 

●        In the case of an emergency, you may also contact the camp by phone (503) 770-0601 or provide a signed note with your camper in the morning if you wish to add an adult to your Camper Release List.

Camp Location and Transportation:  Camp Wil-Lo-Linn takes place in Wilsonville Memorial Park, River Shelter, and Forest Shelter.  Campers are not allowed on the campsite until 9:00 a.m, unless they are arriving with their volunteer guardian. The camp will not be responsible for campers dropped off prior to 9 am. If you are driving your camper to camp, drive into the one-way lane marked in River Shelter parking lot and drop your campers off as quickly as possible to eliminate a traffic jam. Please do not block the roped off bus lane or the gate entrance.

Directions to Camp Wil-lo-linn: From Interstate 5 take exit #283 turn east onto Wilsonville Rd.  Turn right onto Memorial Drive. Make a left onto road marked by Wilsonville Memorial Park sign.  Go down the hill.  Turn right at the stop sign at the bottom of the hill. Continue on the road bearing to the right and go to River Shelter.  Parking is a gravel lot on the right.  Please be aware that the parking lot is one-way, and please do not park in the bus parking area, it is roped off and marked.  

​     The gathering place for arriving campers at 9:00 a.m. is the large tree located at the top of the grassy field near the western-most end of the wooden parking rail (Singing Tree). Staff members will be on hand to welcome campers and direct them to their units. To lessen the amount of traffic to and from Wilsonville Memorial Park, carpools are encouraged. Parents are responsible for forming these carpools. Please notify camp if your child will be driving with someone other than his or her parent or guardian.

     In the event that a camper arrives late (campers have left the tree and are now in the unit circles) they should be escorted with their accompanying adult to the camp headquarters located under the River Shelter.  The camper will be officially checked in by the camp registrar and then escorted to their unit.  Do not drop them off at the top of the hill and leave – they must be checked in.

Camper Absences:   For the consideration of other campers and staff, please do not send your child to camp sick.

     If your daughter will not be in camp for whatever reason, call or text Barb Weiser/RainbowHeart at (503) 770-0601.  For planned absences please email the registrar listing your daughter’s name, the date, and duration of her absence.  You may also provide your daughter’s unit leader a note in advance. A signed note will also be needed to release your daughter early from camp. All campers are covered by a Girl Scout accident insurance policy. This policy does not cover sickness, poison oak, stinging nettle, mosquito bites, bee stings, sunburn, etc.

Bus Times and Locations:
Arrangements to ride the bus must be made in advance by signing up for a bus route during the on-line registration process. Buses leave from Riverwest Church, Lakeridge High School, or Rosemont Ridge Middle School. If you have signed up to ride the bus and have a change in transportation plans, or if your camper will not be riding the bus each day, please advise the registrar by email as soon as possible, campwllregistrar@gmail.com. To avoid confusion for your hot and tired camper, please have transportation arrangements worked out before camp week. Buses will leave on schedule. Plan to be at the bus stop 10 minutes early for both morning and afternoon stops. Please be considerate of camp staff and other parents. There are no restrooms, drinking fountains or public telephones at the bus stops.

 Bus Schedule –
RIVERWEST BUS AM Arrival at Riverwest parking lot - 8:20 AM AM, Departure for Camp - 8:30 AM, PM Arrival at Riverwest - 3:30 PM
LAKERIDGE HIGH SCHOOL BUS AM Arrival at Lakeridge - 7:50 AM, AM Departure for Rosemont Ridge Middle School - 8:00 AM, PM Arrival at Lakeridge - 3:55 PM
ROSEMONT RIDGE BUS AM Arrival at Rosemont Ridge - 8:15 AM, AM Departure for Camp - 8:25 AM, PM Arrival at Rosemont Ridge - 3:30 PM, PM Departure for Lakeridge - 3:40 PM

Additional Information:
For Cooking Day: Instead of bringing a sack lunch, each camper will cook his or her lunch one-day during the week. Each camper will need to bring a mess kit, consisting of the following items – washable plate, cup, bowl, eating utensils (not disposable), dunk bag (open mesh bag for drying dishes), a drink (no glass). Families will be emailed notice of their camper(s) cook day(s).

Cooking/Cookshed Schedule:
Monday 1st & 2nd grade units, Boys
Tuesday: 4th grade units
Wednesday: 3rd grade & PAIT units
Thursday:   5th & 6th grade units

Campfire Awards Ceremony and Overnight – Who Can Attend?
Camp Fire:  All girls entering 4th grade and above in the fall of 2019 are invited to stay for the afternoon events and campfire/awards ceremony Thursday evening June 27, 2019. All 4th graders must be picked up no later than 10:00 p.m. Check out with camper pick-up card at Headquarters.

Overnight:  All girls who are entering the 5th grade and above in the fall of 2019 are invited to stay for the overnight. All overnight campers will be served breakfast (donuts, bagels, fruit) and lunch (sandwiches) on Friday as it is a regular day at camp.  More info about Campfire/Overnight can be found here.

Camp Fire/ Awards Ceremony:   Thursday June 28, 2019 3:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Overnight:  Thursday June 28, 2019 10:00 p.m. to end of camp Friday

NOTE: Girls 5th grade and above may choose to stay for the campfire only and leave Thursday evening or stay the entire night.

To stay overnight, permission must have been given while filling out the “profile” part of registration on CampDoc. If your camper is in 4th grade or above and would like to attend campfire and permission was not given in the registration system, please email campwlldirector@gmail.com with permission and include who plans to pick them up.    

This is a recommended packing list for the Overnight.  Please do not over pack. Parents of bus riders are encouraged to arrange to have at least one parent follow the bus on Thursday to camp and pick up on Friday. There is not enough space on the bus for all the gear.



Emergency Cancellation or Change:
Listen to radio station KEX (1190 am) or KKCW (103.3 fm) for any camp cancellations or change in camp hours. Announcements will be made by 7:00 a.m. For emergencies during camp hours, please call (503) 770-0601. This number is only available between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. on the days of camp. If an emergency occurs that forces the camp to close, campers will travel to Fry’s Electronics 29400 SW Towncenter Loop, Wilsonville. Announcements will be made on radio stations KEX (1190 am) and KKCW (103.3 fm).

Billing and cancellation:
If you must cancel your registration, please contact the Day Camp Registrar as soon as possible campwllregistrar@gmail.com. Any questions about bus or camp billing should be directed to the camp registrar at campwllregistrar@gmail.com.  Adult Volunteers with questions should email the camp director at campwlldirector@gmail.com. Refunds are not available at this point.

Questions – If you have any further questions contact one of the following:

Emergency Phone - Week of Camp; (503) 484-7025

Headquarters Phone – Week of Camp: (503) 770-0601

Council Day Camp Manager, FOR GSOSW Day Camp questions – 541-246-1247 

Thank you for reading this information carefully.  Call camp staff if you have any questions that are not answered in this paperwork. We are looking forward to having your child at camp with us this year!

Camp Director - Barb Weiser/RainbowHeart
Business Manager - Elizabeth Bragg/Buttercup
Registrar – Patti Obana
Bus Coordinator – Emma Reinhart/Professor
Program Aide Coordinator-  Suzanne Peerenboom/Slug
(503) 320-1915

Camp questions & requestsSite Safety, Legal, Business
Registration & payments
Bus transportation
Program Aide questions

June 24-28, 2019  9am-3pm

Campers: 9am - 3pm each day

(PAITs are considered campers)
Volunteers: 8am - 3:30pm each day you are volunteering
CAs: 8am- 3:30pm each day

​Camp Phone: (503) 770-0601

 (only if  update needed)

(Docs pop up as PDFs to print)

Tent (if you have one)
Sleeping Pad
One bag for clothing
Warm clothes
Pajamas or sweats
Clothes for Friday
Sleeping Bag/Light Blanket

Cookshed days 

Be Prepared for Camp Each Day!​
                                                                                                                         What to bring daily            
                       (Label Everything)

What to Wear
(Label Everything)
Backpack or sturdy tote bag
Long pants or capris below the knees are required 
Sit upon 
(a padded, water-resistant cushion)

Hiking boots or sturdy tennis shoes with socks - closed toe shoes are required for safety. 
flip flops and sandals are not allowed.
Canteen or water bottle 
(no glass, 8 oz or larger)
Camp T-shirt 
(this will be issued at camp the first day)
Bug spray and sun block
Jacket, camp sweatshirt, or rain gear as appropriate
Sack lunch including a drink (no glass)*
Camper ID Tag
(pinned to shirt each day with a safety pin)