Welcome to Camp Wil-Lo-Linn

Day Camp in Girl Scout Service Unit 9;

Wilsonville, Lake Oswego, & West Linn! 

We have changed our registration vendor to CampDoc! This means that everyone will need to create a new login and password by selecting “Sign Up” when you first begin. READ EVERY PAGE carefully. You have plenty of time with this system.

Policy items:
1. $10 of each registration fee is non-refundable this year. If you cancel your camper’s registration, this $10 will help cover costs incurred by Camp Wil-Lo-Linn.
2. No refunds will be given for any reason after June 1. See refund policy on our website.
3. If using Cookie Credits, your credit card will be billed the full amount at the time of registration and reimbursed after camp starts. More information about Cookie Credit use is on our website.
4. The bus will need to be paid for in order to save your spot. This must be done by June 1.
5. This system is “first come, first served” and does have a waitlist. We will adjust units as we see grade levels fill. Camp Wil-Lo-Linn is entirely volunteer run. The number of campers we can accept is determined by the number of adult volunteers we obtain. Thank you for being willing to donate your time and energy.

Below is some helpful information on how to navigate the new registration system, CampDoc.

There are two sections to complete: "registration" for a session (grade level) and pay, THEN you will enter the "profile" section. The profile section is extensive but can be done in several time periods if you wish. A user has reported that Internet Explorer 11 did not support the registration payment portion.

Registration section - must be done in one session for a participant. Can do all your participants in one session, but before payment, nothing is saved.
- First screen is Adult information...like the master account was..who "owns" the email just put in?
- Participant name, etc.; Continue

Once all participants (campers and volunteers) are added, hover over participant’s name in upper left corner, choose “Registration”

- Register for a session - be sure the session matches the participants grade for FALL 2018 (not what they are in now).

- You must choose an option for “Bus”, even if it is none. Payment for bus riders is due by June 1st. The question will come up again in "Profile" and the choice needs to be the same. You can add a bus route after initial registration, but must be done before June 1st.

- Sweatshirt is optional. The size will come up during the "profile" section. You can add a sweatshirt after initial registration but before June 1st.

- Coupons - this if for financial need ONLY.  Email campwlldirector@gmail.com if you have a financial need

- Protection plan - We recommend NO, but if you want a "full refund" you will need to pay this fee. We can't get rid of this, it is a "benefit" of being with CampDoc. NOTE: You will receive an email advertisement regarding this. Keep in mind it is NOT recommended for this day camp.

- add a Donation if you want and we'll use it to help other participants.

- pay, click on the (i) for information about what they are asking

If you did not purchase the bus when selecting your session, you are still able to. To do so, go back to the "Registrations" tab under the participants name in the top left corner of your screen. Select your upcoming registration, then select your bus stop, and then click "Add". Finally, you’ll need to pay the bus fee by June 1st.

Once registered, you can print a receipt by choosing "Account" on the left hand side, then on that page, Print is on the right. If you need a more detailed receipt, contact campwlldirector@gmail.com.

Profile sections
To the right you will see red dots indicating the number of sections like "General Information", "Emergency Contacts", "Insurance", "Health History", "Behavior Agreement". They vary in length and can be filled out at any time or changed up until June 1st when the site will no longer be available for changing. There are also some sections specific to Volunteers and CAs. Some questions have a drop down, or place for further information once the question is answered. For example, if "allergies" is "yes" then more information is requested.

Girl Scout current membership year is Oct 1, 2018 - Sept 30, 2019. The wording is a bit strange and no there is NOT a background check and required training for campers or camp aides.

Race & Ethnicity Background is NOT required, so leave blank if do not wish to answer. We will work out how to deal with an incomplete registration later.

For Volunteers: For the question “Volunteer experience (# of years)” we are looking for “number of years volunteering at/for Camp Wil-Lo-Linn” since that is how we place our volunteers.

If you have need assistance with CampDoc registration please contact the CampDoc team at help@campdoc.com or 734-636-1000

If you have questions concerning Camp Wil-Lo-Linn contact Barb Weiser/Rainbow Heart at campwlldirector@gmail.com or 503-320-1915.

​Answers to frequently asked questions about CampDoc, our new registration System:

​​​​Camp Wil-Lo-Linn is a Girl Scout Day Camp operating under Girl Scouts of Oregon and Southwest Washington (Girl Scouts OSW). For more information on opportunities through Girl Scouts OSW please check their website: http://www.girlscoutsosw.org

This website is maintained by volunteers with Girl Scouts of Oregon and Southwest Washington. For communications questions email: campwllregistrar@gmail.com.  General camp questions email to: campwlldirector@gmail.com.  Copyright © Girl Scout Camp Willolinn. All rights reserved.

Yay!  You're a registered Girl Scout or Adult Helper!  That's the first step!  

Next, please clink on the Behavior Agreement Below, read and know it well.  Submission of any program registration form indicates your agreement to comply with the Behavior Agreement for that program.  Then come on back to register.

  • ​Registration starts with basic info: name, address, grade next year, etc. 
  • It will ask about busing, donation, and an optional Protection Plan (in case you cancel your registration).
  • $10 of your Registration fee is non refundable.
  • ​Scholarships are available through Rainbow Heart, not through this system.  Please email for more info: campwlldirector@gmail.com​
  •   Payment is taken during Registration. 
  • If you will be using Cookie Credits, you can use them and be reimbursed your registration fee.
  • ​Once your basic registration is done and your fee is paid, you will get an email from the system.  You can  complete the Profile for each person your register at any time.

To Register, you will need to sign up for CampDoc, our new registration system.  It will ask you to create a log in.  Once you do, you can register campers, tagalongs, boys, CA's and Adult Volunteers all in one place.