Girl Scout Camp Willolinn

Welcome to the camp Wil-Lo-Linn Registration Page! This is where you will find all the links that you need to complete the registration process for all campers (Tags, Boys, Girl Scouts and Camper Aides) and adult volunteers.

Complete the steps below to register!

  1. Click on the Behavior Agreement for Day Camp Link to the right.
    • Review the agreement.
    • The text of the agreement is included in the agreement portion of all our program on-line registration forms.
    • Submission of any program registration form indicates your agreement to comply with the Behavior Agreement for that program.
  2. Click on the online Camp Wil-Lo-Linn registration link to the right.
  3.  TBD for new registration system [Log on or create your master account.
    • If you registered for camp last year, then log into your existing master account with the email address and password you used to create the account last year.
    • If you cannot remember your information from last year - create a new master account.
    • If you are registering for the first time, create your master account. 
    • Only one is needed for each family. You may update your information and registrations at any time through your master account.]
  4. ​Create or update your Participants information for each camper, TAG, Boy, Camper Aide and/or Adult Volunteer that will be attending camp. 
    • ​To update information for someone who participated in camp last year, simply click on the "action" icon beside their name. This will call up the participants information from last year. 
    • For new participants, click on "add a participant" and this will create a new record that you will fill out for your new person and then save.
    • ​Update your payment information as well if needed. Remember - payment must be made by MasterCard or Visa. American Express or Discover cards will not process.
  5. ​Register each participant under their specific program (camper, TAG, Boy, Camper Aide or Adult Volunteer).
    • When you are done updating or adding Participants, click on the "Add A Program" button on the right. This calls up the program registration page.
    • Select the appropriate program for each participant (Campers - Girls grades 1 - 6 and PAITs), TAG/BOYS for Tag-a-longs and Boys, Camper Aide and Adult Volunteer for all our adult volunteers.
    • Complete the specific Program Registration form for each participant and select submit.
    • If the page does not submit - check that all the mandatory boxes are filled in - these are indicated with a red star. 
  6. ​Complete your payment online.
    • Included Bus Fees, and Sweatshirt fees if applicable.
    • On-line payment is accepted by credit/debit card through the online registration link.
    • Cards will not be charged until MAY when campers are confirmed and assigned to units.
    • MasterCard and Visa are accepted.
  7. For Camper Aides
    • The Camper Aide application is an integral part of the Camper Aide program registration form.
    • All questions should be answered and reference contact information supplied.
    • There is no separate Camper Aide application or reference form.
  8. All campers, camper aides and adult volunteers must be currently registered members of Girl Scouts through Girl Scouts of Oregon & Southwest Washington.
  9. ​Adults who have never been a member of Girl Scouts, please register here
  10. Girls (Campers & Camper Aides) who have never been a member of Girl Scouts
  11. All Adult Volunteers must complete a Girl Scout background check and Adult training for New Volunteers.
    • Please complete a Girl Scout background check online through GSOSW by submitting your information for processing by Girl Scouts.
    • You will also need to pay the annual membership fee. Additionally, you will need to take the following training: GS101, Volunteer Essentials and Troop Safety.

For questions regarding the registration process, please contact our camp registrar at:

Please remember that your registration is not complete until we have all your forms and payment on file.

Registration plans to open 1 March 2018 
Camp Willolinn, June 25-29, 2018 with a Thursday overnight.